Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yogurt-How to Make Yogurt - Homemade Yogurt Recipe with Instructions

Why Homemade Yogurt?

Like most things homemade, yogurt you make yourself is just better:
It tastes better
It's better for you (no preservatives, sugar or chemicals added)
It's less expensive
There's no packaging waste

Do you know: Lactobacillus bulgaricus is one of several bacteria used for the production of yogurt. It is also found in other naturally fermented products. First identified in 1905 by the Bulgarian doctor Stamen Grigorov and name after Bulgaria, the bacterium feeds on lactose to produce lactic acid, which is used to preserve milk.
It is a Gram-positive rod that may appear long and filamentous. It is also non-motile, and it does not form spores. This bacterium is regarded as aciduric or acidophilic, since it requires a low pH (around 5.4-4.6) to grow effectively. The bacterium has complex nutritional requirements, including the inability to ferment any sugar except lactose.

In Bulgaria, yogurt is called "кисело мляко" (kiselo mlyako), which means "sour milk"
Yogurt has been made by the protobulgarian tribes long time before Bulgarian country was established back in 681 AC... Yoghurt has a lot of different tastes, as one of the most expensive and rich in flavour is the buffalo yogurt. From sheep's milk is made katak / very dense yogurt, feta cheese and roasted red peppers /.
During the fall season it 's made "brano mlyako" -'harvested milk', it is kind of yogurt, which is thicker and has a higher fat content because cows and sheep swallowed more hay than fresh grass.
Many households make their own yogurt as a part of the Bulgarian tradition, especially those with livestock- sheep, goats, cows.....even, if you don't have any,.... there  always  will be a helpful neighbor  to buy  some fresh milk :)

 Home Made Yogurt

3 L milk 3.5% fat
 1/2 cup yogurt (Bolkan style)

Put 3 liters of fresh milk with high fat content to boil.
Let it simmer about 10 minutes. Stir milk. Do not burn.

 Pour in a ceramic bowl and let it cool /about 43- 45 C/.If you check it with the pinkie, and you can keep this little finger, it's the right temperature.The milk should not be colder. 

Pour 6 tablespoons full Balkan-style yogurt into the milk, cover whit a lid.

Wrap it in towel and keep it warm over night.

The good yogurt should be splitting like an iceberg; there is water, which can easily drain. Store it in refrigerator.


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