Sunday, September 12, 2010

Musaka / Мусака

Traditionally Bulgarian moussaka is made whit potatoes and minced meat (the most popular one). Onion, carrots, garlic, herbs, and tomatoes are added as well. Top layer is made from yogurt, eggs and flour or béchamel sauce whit eggs. Also are known moussaka with added mushrooms, musaka whit zucchini, which doesn’t include meat, and eggplant’s moussaka.


400 grams Minced meat pork or ground mix (60% pork and 40% veal meat)
4 large potatoes
1 carrot
2 garlic cloves
3-4 tomatoes (depends on size)
2 tbsp Paprika
3 tbsp Winter savoury (if you don’t have it substitute whit oregano and thyme)
Black pepper and salt
60 mL Sunflower oil

For you I have chosen to show two of the variations whit photos, but the proportions below are for one full topping.

For the top layer (first variation):

300 grams yogurt
4 eggs
2 tbsp flour
salt and black pepper

Second variation:

400 mL milk
3 eggs
50 grams butter
3 tbsp flour
salt and black pepper


Garlic onions and carrots are braised in oil.
Potatoes are added as well…
After couple minutes is time for the meat and averting is stir well.

The mixture is spiced and puréed tomatoes are already added.

The hole mixture is placed on baking tray.

Water is added just to cover a bit, than it is baked -230C about 20 min or until it’s done.

Here I’ve got béchamel and eggs toping.

And the most lighter one whit yogurt and eggs.

I made both of them just to show you the final result: left: béchamel and eggs / right: yogurt, flour, and eggs

The composed dish is baked until the top layer is browned. Moussaka is usually served lukewarm. It helps to keep its shape.


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