Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eggs and Chicken Salad

  Are you looking to create some delicious salad whit eggs, chicken, and fruits? So here it is! Last night I was very tired after busy day at the restaurant. Did I mention that I work as a cook? I didn’t even have time to eat all day and I decided to create tasteful apetizer in a fast way. Anyhow it was made from scratch, aren’t those yummy!? 

 I’ll suggest - start boiling the eggs and keep reading!:))))))))

2 portions:

3 pickles
3 boiled eggs (12 min)
1/2 chicken brest
1/2 red pepper
4 sticks green onion
3 slices aplle (Golden delicious)
10-12 seedless grape's berries
tablespoon honey
teaspoon honey mustard
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
crushed black pepper

Braise the chicken breast’s juliennes in vegetable oil for couple minutes or till it is done. While the eggs are boiling chop the rest of ingredients and make sure the eggs and cooked chicken are cooled down before adding them to the mixture. To speed up this process chop the meat and eggs and place them over cold plate. Once they are chilled mix everything in a deep bowl. You can serve this whit your favourite crackers or toasted bread or you can make cold sandwiches. White Zinfandel, Vodka or Honey Brown Beer are great mates for this appetizer.  

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