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Porto-Style Tripe / Dobrada/ Добрада- шкембе по португалски

1 lb beef tripe /480 гр телешко шкембе
½ chicken /1/2 пиле
1oz. olive oil / 30 мл олио
1 large onion, chopped / 1 глава лук
2 minced garlic cloves / 2 скилидки счукан чесън
2 tbsp tomato paste / 2 с.л. доматено пюре
2 tbsp paprika/ 2 с.л. червен пипер
½ tsp ground cumin 1/2 с.л. кимион
Ground black pepper/ млян черен пипер
Pinch cayenne pepper/ кайен пипер
Shot of Porto wine/ 30 мл Порто (вино)
2 chorizo sausages, sliced / 2 бр. чоризо
2 bay leafs / 2 дафинови листа
1 cup white navy beans, cooked 1 купа бял боб, сготвен или от консерва
1/2 cup ham, diced / 1/2ч.ч. шунка, нарязана на кубчета
2 carrots, sliced/ 2 моркова
Salt/ сол

Boil in a pressure pot tripe, salt, bay leaf and garlic clove for about 40 minutes. If you do not use a pressure pot but conventional one instead, the tripe should be boiled for approximately 1½ hours. Remove the tripe from the bouillon when ready and cut in big pieces.
Boil the chicken in the same broth for about 20 minutes.

Clean the chicken meat from the bones and strain the broth.
In a big deep fraying pan sauté the onion, garlic clove, carrot, ham, and chorizo sausages for 6-7 minutes.
Add paprika, wine, tomato paste, bay leafs, cumin, salt to taste, and ground black pepper. Add the cooked been and about 3 cups of broth.

Let the mixture to simmer until the sauce became thicker (about 10 minutes).
Add already cooked tripe and chicken meat and cook for additional 10 minutes.

Serve the Porto-Style Tripe with rice.


Tripe is eaten in many parts of the world. Tripe dishes include:
AndouilleFrench poached, boiled and smoked cold tripe sausage
Andouillette — French grilling sausage including beef tripe and pork
Babat — Indonesian spicy beef tripe dish
TQallia — Moroccan spiced, seasoned in a sauce with vegetables and served on cous-cous
Breakfast Sausages — Most commercially produced sausages in the United States contain pork and beef tripe as filler
Bumbar — A Bosnian prepared dish where the tripe is stuffed with other cow parts.
ButifarraCatalonian sausage
Callos — Spanish/Filipino tripe dish cooked with chickpeas, chorizo and paprika.
ChaknaIndian spicy stew of goat tripe and other animal parts
Ciorbă de burtăRomanian special soup with cream and garlic
DobradaPortuguese tripe dish usually served with white butterbeans and chouriço
DršťkovkaCzech goulash-like tripe soup
"fa9ulia bil karsha" in Libya,kidney bean soup with is a typical libyan dish.
DržkováSlovak tripe soup (Držková polievka)
Fileki or špek-filekiCroatian tripe soup.
FlakiPolish soup, with marjoram
Fuqi feipian — spicy Chinese cold-cut dish made from various types of beef offal, nowadays mainly different types of tripe and tongue
Guatitas - Ecuadorian and Chilean tripe stew, often served with peanut sauce
Guru (food)Zimbabwean name for tripe. Normally eaten as relish with Sadza.
HaggisScottish traditional dish made of a sheep's stomach stuffed with oatmeal and the minced heart, liver and lungs of a sheep. The stomach is used only as a vessel for the stuffing and is not eaten.
İşkembe çorbasıTurkish tripe soup with garlic, lemon and spices
Kare-kare — Filipino oxtail-peanut stew which may include tripe
KistaAssyrian Cooked traditionlly in a stew and stuffed with soft rice. This dish is part of a major dish known as 'Pacha' in Assyrian. 'Pacha' is also the Persian word for the feet of hooved animals but not the hoof itself. 'Pa' is Persian for 'leg' or 'foot'. The suffix 'cha' or 'cheh' refers to something small.
LampredottoFlorentine abomasum-tripe dish, often eaten in sandwiches with green sauce and hot sauce.
Mala MogoduSouth African Cuisine - popular tripe dish, often eaten at dinner time as a stew with hot pap.
MatumboKenyan Cuisine - tripe dish, often eaten as a stew with various accompaniments.
Menudo — Mexican tripe and hominy stew
MondongoLatin American and Caribbean tripe, vegetable and herb soup
MotsuJapanese tripe served either simmered or in Nabemono
Pacal or PacalpörköltHungarian spicy meal made of tripe, similar to pörkölt
pachaIraqi, tripe stuffed with spiced rice
Pancitas — Mexican stew similar to Menudo but made with sheep stomach
Patsás (Greek πατσάς) — Greek, similar to Turkish İşkembe
Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup — American (Pennsylvania) tripe soup with peppercorns
PhởVietnamese noodle soup with many regional variations, some of which include tripe
Pickled tripe — Pickled white honeycomb tripe once common in the Northeastern United States.
Saki or Shaki — word for tripe in the Yoruba language of Nigeria. Shaki is often often included in various stews, along with other meats.
Saure Kutteln — from south Germany, made with beef tripe and vinegar or wine
Shkembe (Shkembe Chorba) (Шкембе чорба) — is a kind of tripe soup, prepared in Iran, Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Shekam is the Persian word for stomach. Sirabi is the Iranian version of Shkembe'.
Tripes à la mode de Caen — in Normandy. This is a traditional stew made with Tripe in the Normandy region of France. "Tripes à la mode de Caen" obey a very codified recept, preserved by the brotherhood of "La tripière d'or"[4] that organises a competition every year to elect the world's best "Tripes à la mode de Caen" maker.
Tripe and Beans — in Jamaica. This is a thick, spicy stew made with Tripe and Broad Beans
Tripe and Drisheen — in Cork, Ireland
Tripe and Onions — in Northern England
Tripoux — French sheep tripe dish
Trippa alla fiorentina — in Italy (fried with tomatoes and other vegetables)
Trippa alla Romana — in Italy (done with white wine and tomatoes)
Tsitsarong bulaklak — Filipino crunchy fried tripe (lit. "flower" crackling)
Tuslama (Romanian) / Tuzlama(Turkish) - tripe stew specific to south-eastern Romania, a blend of Romanian and Turkish
Yakiniku and HorumonyakiJapanese chargrilled, bite-sized
Vette darmen Traditional, though now on the verge of being obsolete West-Flemish dish. The tripe is seasoned and fried in a buttered pan.
Ojree — Pakistani curry made out of finely chopped and tenderized goat tripe
Obe ata pelu Shaaki — Nigerian Stew made with large chunk of cow and goat tripe
Pepper soup with tripe — Nigerian Hot peppered liquid soup with bite-sized tripe
牛肚 / 金錢肚 (Mandarin: Niudu/Jinqiandu; Cantonese, Ngautou/Gumtsintou) -- Chinese cuisine Tripe with inner lining resembling ancient Chinese coin with square hole give its name: "coin stomach". The dish is usually served steamed with spring onion and garlic sauce, or just boiled in water served with sweet soya sauce with chilli and spring onions as a dipping sauce.
Tripe soup Shorbet Kawari3; in Jordan. This is a stew made with Tripe and tomato sauce
In Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries, the literally-translated tripas tends to denote small intestines rather than stomach lining. Dishes of this sort include:
Tacos de tripa — Mexican tacos filled with crunchy fried small intestines
Tripas à moda do Porto — small intestines with white beans, in Portugise cuisine, a dish typical of the city of Porto..
"Callos"; 'Tripe' with chickpeas, black pudding and spicy sausage. Mainly eaten in Andalucia.

 П.П.Това ястие много ми напомня на френското касуле.

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