Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stuffed roasted tripe / Пълнено шкембе

1 kg pork shoulder
250 g pork meat (bacon)

1 pork tripe
1 cup buckwheat
800 g pork liver
8-9 cloves garlic, minced
7-8 allspice corns
3 bay leaves

2 stick leek
2-3 oz vegetable oil
Salt and black pepper
Paprika, cumin or winter savoury are used to taste or because of different geographical and cultural regions.


Boil buckwheat in 1 cup salted water until the water is absorbed. Rinse and keep aside for later use.

Boil the pork shoulder with some salt, allspice and bay leaves for couple hours or use pressure cooker to speed up cooking time. Remove the bones after the meat is cooked.

Cut the pork liver, bacon, and leeks into medium size pieces. Sauté with oil and garlic. Season with black peppers and salt to taste. Mix with the meat from pork’s shoulder and buckwheat.
Clean and wash the tripe thoroughly. Salt the inside and fill with mixture.
Stitched it up, pierce with a fork and boil for about 40 min or 1 hour, OR bake in oven for 1.30hrs or 2hrs.

Drain and place between two boards and press with weight. OR cook it (boil or roast) with weight over it.

Leave it for few days to dry in ventilated and cold place, after it is ready for eating.
NB! Pierce the tripe in few places and use weight to force the process! It is important because it will allow the remaining air to get out.
Some methods require weight to be kept even after cooking.

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